Fotky z natáčení

Climbing Higher film won the award for best feature documentary at the film festival in the Canada BANFF 2016

“From the dark confines of the theatres we have travelled through landscapes and shared adventures in the most stunning corners of the world. But in this film we also have a complex weaving together of characters; the family and friends from home are as much a part of the expedition as are the climbers and the mountains. Here we glimpse the inner world of climbing. The age-old story of the need to satisfy obsession. The problems of growing up with that obsessive parent. The gratification of achieving the most difficult and dangerous goals. The joy of the return to home. The underlying themes are told in an understated way that allow the viewer to piece together the bigger picture of expedition climbing. This is quite simply good storytelling… in film.”

— Victor Saunders, jury member.

Shooting in above 5000 m high
Shooting in above 5000 m high