David foto HQ

Born on 28.4.1971 in Prague

1986-1990 – Hight school SPŠST, Prague, specialization in film and TV

1990-1992 – Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Film Studies (4 semesters finished)

1992-1998 – FAMU – Film and TV school of academy of performing arts in Prague, program Cinematography – D.O.P

1999-2002 – FAMU – Film and TV school of academy of performing arts in Prague, program Documentary Director

from 1999 member of The Association of Czech Cinematographers

Languages: Czech, English, French, Russian


Czech Director / Cinematographer David Čálek graduated from Prague’s FAMU film school in 1998 and has shot and/or directed over 30 documentaries around the world for independent producers and TV broadcasters (Czech TV, HBO CZ). His doc HEAVEN AND HELL was released theatrically in the Czech Republic and had its international festival premiere at SXSW 2011, Austin, Texas, USA. The film was awarded as the BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM at the IFF Finale – Plzen 2011, Czech Republic. As DP, he shot 8 narrative feature films, including MAMAS & PAPAS – the winner of the Best Film Price at the Hamptons IFF 2010 NY, USA.

David is shooting in extreme condition(documentary films-Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kenya, Somalia, underwater photography-whales…, high altitude photography-over 6000 m high in K2) as well as social and drama feature films in Europe or US.


Nebe Peklo (Heaven and Hell) dir. David Čálek, Award for the best documentary film of a student jury IFF Finále Plzen, Czech premiere Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, World premiere SXSW in Austin, Texas

Berkat a Maršo, štěstí a svoboda (Berkat and Marsho: Happiness and Freedom), First price of the film festival Femina Film 2007 Dotek obrazu (Touching Pictures) – graduation film of the FAMU Cinematography department, Jaromír Kučera’s award from the Association of Czech Cinematographers, 1998 Úsvit (Twilight) – graduation film of the FAMU directory department, Award for the best cinematography of feature films in the student film festival of Film and TV school of academy of performing arts in Prague, 1997 Maruška( Maruschka) – documentary study of the FAMU cinematography department, Award for the best camera of documentary films in the student film festival of Film and TV school of academy of performing arts in Prague, 1996


Mars (in post production) 2016, prod. Nyasa, dir.: Ben Tuček, cinematography: David Čálek

Na skleničku 2014, prod. Czech Television, director: Bohdan Sláma, camera operator: DČ, 75 min

4 slunce 2012, prod. Negativ, director: Bohdan Sláma, camera operator: DČ, 102 min

Mamas & Papas 2010, prod. UFO pictures, director: Alice Nellis, D.O.P.: DČ, 110 min

Kuličky 2008, prod. Čestmír Kopecký, director: Olga Dabrowská, D.O.P.: DČ, 90 min

Kanárek (The Canary/My Detox) 1999, prod. Gagstones pictures, Milk and Honey film, Czech TV,
director: Viktor Tauš, D.O.P.: DČ, 100 min

Rychlé pohyby očí (Rapid eye movement) 1998, prod. Czech televizion/FAMU, director: Radim Špaček, D.O.P.: DČ, 75 min


Cesta vzhůru (Climbing higher) 2015, prod. Verbascum, director and cinematography: David Čálek, 103 min
Film about a public and hidden life of Radek Jaros, the only Czech climber who completed the Crown of the
Himalayas, the world’s 14 tallest peaks. What is the price of being the best?

Pirátské sítě (Pirating pirates) 2014, prod. Bratři, director and cinematography: David Čálek, 83 min
Film about a boy from a Nairobi slum who acts as a Somali pirate for media, but he has neither been to Somalia
nor on the sea. Shooting this film in life-threatening areas discovers a scandalous lie, which is very common in
the journalistic world.
http://www.piratingpirates.com/en/ – trailer

Adopce: Konkurz na rodiče 2014, prod. HBO, director Alice Nellis, cinematography: David Čálek, Matěj Cibulka, 75 min
A time-lapse documentary about the reality and troubles of adoptions in Czech republic.

Plán 2014, prod. Negativ, Czech Television, director: Ben Tuček, cinematography: David Čálek, 90 min
This documentary observes changes in Prague’s Spatial Development. The Plan becomes a metaphor of the
society’s evolution and its movement in the 21st century.

Incoming 2013, prod. Shining Pictures, director: Radim Špaček, cinematography: David Čálek. 70 min
Documentary about the Czech reconstruction team in Afghanistan, building schools and bridges under the army

Provedu 2013, prod. Shining Pictures, director: Radim Špaček, cinematography: David Čálek. 30+30 min
Documentary about the Czech army units in Afghanistan.

Pod dlažbou pláž 2013, prod. Czech Television, director: Radim Špaček, cinematography: David Čálek. 53 min
Thoughts about television as a public service broadcaster.

Tiger Lillies in Prague 2011, prod. Bratři, director and cinematography: David Čálek. 45
min Portrait of a British controversial music band, whose members are fond of Prague.

Nebe Peklo (Heaven, Hell) 2010, prod. HBO and Jacket Bros., director and cinematography: David Čálek. 82 min
Men and women of various ages, backgrounds, and professions have discovered pleasure in different forms of
kink and physical pain. These are individuals who have fully embraced their sexuality and are neither
embarrassed by or hiding its unconventional manifestations. It investigates the BDSM community as an
alternative expression of human sexuality, not deviant behavior.

Olympiáda, über Alles 2008, prod. Czech Television, director and cinematography: David Čálek. 28 min
Documentary film is a reflection on the meaning of the Olympics, shot with athletes before the Olympic Games
in Beijing, 2008.

Berkat a Maršo, štěstí a svoboda (Berkat and Marsho: Happiness and Freedom) 2007,
director and cinematography: David Čálek. 75 min
Two courageous Czech women decide to set up an organization called Berkat (Happiness) with the aim of
helping war victims, especially children. Jana Hradilkova and Petra Prochazkova discover the Sputnik camp on
the Chechen-Ingush border, the home of 9000 refuges, who live not only in fear and sadness but also with joy,
dance, music and art.

Pátrání po Ester 2005, prod. Bionaut, director: Věra Chytilová, cinematography: David Čálek. 128 min
Ester Krumbachová – an artist, screenwriter, director, one of the most outstanding personalities of the Czech
New Wave. The director and her close friend Věra Chytilová talks to those who knew Ester, worked with her,
loved her.

The Myth 2003, prod. Nomorebuds crew, director: Šimon Šafránek, cinematography: David Čálek. 61 min
Portrait of the British singer Nick Cave through his hard core fans.

Bezesné noci (Dreamless Nights) 2003, prod. NFI, director :Radim Špaček, cinematography: David Čálek. 108 min
The film is about a crisis in the Czech Television at the turn of the years 2000 – 2001. The film is looking at this
difficult situation from as much as possible independent point of view.